New Art . Eine Ausstellung über Kreativität und Inspiration.

On July 14th 2017 at 6PM our Talents presented their artwork about “creativity and inspiration” at the ‘Kunst- und Kreativhaus Rechenzentrum Potsdam’ (Dortustraße 46).

Do you get a good idea at the push of a button? Where do I find inspiration? Can you learn creativity?

In our accelerated society we move between timetable, deadlines and whats app messages. The goal is to do a lot in a short amount of time. Who wants to develop new and fresh ideas, while being pressured all the time? This and further questions are forming the core content of this exhibition “New Art”.

How you can be full of new ideas, if you just switch off your head for a moment and how manual work is sharpening all senses is shown by the designers Jasmin Herz and Christian Schalauka from Design Studio PAI ( to our talents from NewSchool ( in many creative workshops.

New Art is playfully connecting belly and heart, to create a creative process und generate new ideas.

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