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Learning through doing. With the help of mentors and outside experts, Talents develop new skills through research and practice. Each learner is unique, so their education is personalized

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Soft skills

Talents develop social competence by communicating with their mentors, school leadership, outside experts, and each other about their visions, project needs, deadlines, challenges, and successes

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Real-world Experiences

Talents have the opportunity to gain real-world experience as they work together with outside consultants and businesses to complete internships and produce self-driven projects

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NewSchool is something different

"NewSchool connects the analog world of yesterday to the digital world of today." --Udo Schloemer (Founder, Factory Berlin)
Where kids really create

Talents, Coaches, and Experts - together, we lay the groundwork for a fulfilling education and a promising future. Through a variety of self-driven projects, Talents learn how to take responsibility, how to organize, and how to take pride in their work. Our kids learn to trust themselves and each other, as they develop confidence through successes, and curate curiosity and problem-solving skills through challenges and failures. We believe that kids should look forward to going to school, and by giving them a sense of community and the opportunity to reach their creative potential, NewSchool's Talents are genuinely excited to come through our doors every day.

  • Talents research and develop technical and time-management skills through self-directed, mentor-assisted projects in a variety of fields, including: coding, screen printing, digital animation, film and music production, fashion and design, model building, hydrodynamics, and literary critique

  • Daily Workshops are offered on topics such as Renewable Energy, Theater, Project Management, Design Thinking, Music Performance and Production, Graphic Design, as well a series covering the subject areas comprising the state-standardized MSA tests

  • By getting out into the real world - making phone calls, sending emails, and visiting outside businesses - Talents gain the soft skills that can only be developed through real-world experiences

  • MSA - Mittlerer Schulabschluss. Talents in the 9th and 10th grades attend weekly MSA-based workshops in preparation for Berlin's state exam. Additionally, during the completion of their projects, Talents are required to explore each of the competencies covered in the end of year tests, which are proctored and provided by NewSchool


Christiane Hein

Administrative Assistant

Kirsten Henschke


Ayten Yildirim

Mentor, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, and Physics workshop facilitator

Kip Carter

Mentor, Creative Director, Media Liason, and English language workshop facilitator
“Ich liebe die Freiheit and resources to create valuable projects, and the opportunity to meet and work with really talented professionals in a variety of fields.”

Sabrina Heimig-Schloemer

Founder and CEO
“Your thoughts paint the canvas of your life.”

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