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With the support of Mentors and Experts, the Talents are expected to actively and independently implement and develop their project ideas. This process promotes problem solving skills and critical thinking.


“The NewSchool connects the analog world of yesterday with the digital world of today.” Udo Schloemer (Founder of Factory Berlin)NewSchool is something different

Talents, Coaches, and Experts - together, we lay the groundwork for a fulfilling education and a promising future. Through a variety of self-driven projects, Talents learn how to take responsibility, how to organize, and how to take pride in their work. Our kids learn to trust themselves and each other, as they develop confidence through successes, and curate curiosity and problem-solving skills through challenges and failures. We believe that kids should look forward to going to school, and by giving them a sense of community and the opportunity to reach their creative potential, NewSchool’s Talents are genuinely excited to come through our doors every day.

  • The talents learn both project management and time management and develop technical skills by implementing their own project ideas in a self-determined way and with the support of their mentors. In doing so, they can move on a platform with many different areas (including artistic, technical, linguistic, natural and social sciences ...).

  • The NewSchool offers regular workshops for the talents to develop themselves personally and as a team (e.g. renewable energies, theatre, project management, design thinking, DJ workshop ...). There are also mandatory workshops in the three main subjects.

  • The Talents look for internships with the support of the mentors. This includes telephoning, writing and sending e-mails, writing CVs and applications and visiting the companies and businesses. In this way they gain valuable experience. Communication with different age groups, institutions and communities is the basis for all further developments.

  • In the NewSchool the Talents develop their own project folders in which all projects and workshops are documented. BBR/eBBR/MSA - vocational training maturity/advanced vocational training maturity/intermediate school leaving certificate. The Talents prepare for the diplomas in the 9th and 10th grade. For this purpose the mentors, together with the Talents, design individual timetables and workshop units.

Our Team

Sabrina Heimig-Schloemer

GF and Gründerin

Kirsten Henschke

„In dir muss brennen, was du in anderen entzünden willst.“

Ayten Yildirim

Mentorin, Pädagogische Leitung
„Mit Freude und Motivation zur Arbeit gehen macht mir sehr viel Spaß. Jeden Tag ins Neue… Mit Kindern und Jugendlichen arbeiten ist eine Herausforderung, die mich und mein Team auch weiterbringt. Alle lernen mit- und voneinander und das macht mich sehr glücklich.“

Dominic Edgley


Hatice Anivarro Canqui


Nicole Zwonik


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